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Friday, 17th January 2014

If you’re looking for specialist storage in the East of England, take a look at Bunka-it. Located in Lincolnshire, within relatively easy reach of Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham, and North West England, they provide secure storage in military grade bunkers. Absolutely bomb-proof, these bunkers offer storage facilities like nowhere else, and you can be totally confident that your documents, assets or artefacts will be stored safely in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Every item stored is bar-coded for easy retrieval, making it simple to find should you need it at short notice. And Bunka-It also offer storage for boxed data files, including a retrieval and disposal service. Rates and prices depend on how much you want to store, and for how long, as well as any extra services that you require. Your items will be stored in purpose-built racks, so that they’re off the floor, and Bunka-It can also provide artefact racking if necessary. You can even hire office space or a meeting room on the site if you want to have a meeting to discuss stored papers, or you want to study them on site.

For more information about military grade security in unique bunker storage, email info@bunka-it.com, or call 0845 388 9661.

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Specialist Storage UK