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Standard Container Storage or Specialist CHE Container Storage

Whether it’s Business or Domestic storage, Container storage is always a very adaptable option, secure low maintenance peace of mind locked storage.

Each storage container is completely weather proof so it’s ideal for everything from documents to props or excess stock. The standard size is 20ft in length, 6ft 6 inches wide and 8ft high, which as a guide would hold the contents of your average three bedroom house. Our secure containers are perfect for indoor or outdoor equipment with ground level loading, dry and dust free - self-storage for home or office, handling equipment available by prior notice.

We can modify the interior to meet your specific needs from internal dividers or shelving.

Containers are Ideal for;

  • Self Storage.
  • Home or Office.
  • Excess Stock.
  • Student Storage.
  • Posted Abroad.
  • Electrical Equipment.

Loading assistants and handling equipment can be supplied on request.


CHE Container Storage

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in demand and the importance of being able to control the environment of stored objects of value or sensitivity. The storage area can be altered to meet your specific needs, to discuss in detail please call

Tel; 0845 388 9661

The environment is monitored in real time to your pc or laptop and visual online access can be supplied if required. 

Ideal for;

  • Artifacts
  • Chemicals
  • Forensic units
  • Scientific & Research
  • Storage of Valuable or Sensitive materials




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