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Document Storage Services

Are you running out of office space?.......Filling any available space with box files and filing cabinets? Bunka-it will allow you to utilise your premium office space to its maximum potential.

At Bunka-it we offer a trusted and secure document management service and we cater for companies of any size, spanning a wide range of clients from; Blue Chip Companies, Solicitors, Banking and Finance, to Insurance Brokers and Engineering Companies. Each box is bar-coded, catalogued and registered on to our system, which allows for easy and efficient retrieval. A collection and delivery service is available on request.

  • Legal Documents
  • Files
  • CD/Tapes
  • Plans & Diagram's
  • Maps
  • Books
  • Manuscripts

Please contact one of our advisors today, who will assist you with your specific requirements going forward.


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