Bunker Storage

Thursday, 6th February 2014

Are you looking for a secure storage facility in the UK? Then head straight to Bunka IT today. Based in Lincolnshire, the company offers bomb proof “bunkas” for assets and artefacts. Storage bunkers come in a range of different sizes to meet your unique needs. So whether you need to store antique jewellery, fine art or a classic car, Bunka IT can provide the ideal storage solution. All bunkers benefit from military grade security which includes internal and external steel high security fencing, manned security gates and manned surveillance 24/7 365 days a year. The site is highly secure, which ensures that the only people who have access to your valuable assets are those to who you have granted permission.

Store Boxed Data Files

Bunka IT is the perfect place to store your boxed data files. There’s a retrieval and destruction service on offer and each item stored is bar coded and catalogued to make the process simple and efficient. If you’re running out of space in your current office and need to find safe and secure storage for your important documents, why not get in touch with Bunka IT today? Whether you’re based in Lincoln, North West England, North East England, Nottingham or Sheffield, visit the website today to learn more.

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Bunker Storage